Product Detail

Output Current DC = 87 kVa

Input Voltage = 220/380/415/440/500V 50Hz

220/440/550V 60 Hz

Duty Cycle at =  1200A  continuously, 1450A up to 10 min, 1800A up to 2 min.

Open Circuit Voltage = 50-55-60V

Weight  = 540 kg

Dimensions (LxWxH mm) = 1020x870x1434


Since different workpieces are welded with different electrode sizes and varying arc-time factors, a relatively large number of different welding locations can be fed with welding current from a single rectifier. The investment cost per welder is low. Compared with the cost of individual power sources.

Operating costs for a multi-operator installation are generally lower than when rectifiers are used.


The rectifiers can continuously supply 1200A and 2400A respectively.