Product Detail
Amcotec MOR 3000

Input (Pls Specify upon Order)
50 Hz = 380/415/440 V
60 Hz = 440 V

KVA (at 100% duty) = 163

Load Current
at 100% duty = 2400 A
at 60% duty = 3000 A

OCV = 55/60/65 V

Welding Circuit Voltage = 50/55/60 V

Weight (approx.) = 880 kg

Dimension (approx.)
Width = 880
Depth = 1230
Height = 1300


MOR 3000 Multi-Operator Rectifier will be a wise choice where a large number of welding points are in use. Different jobs require welding current of different value, at varying duty cycle and at different point of time. Such as diversity in demand enables the use of operators through individual welding Resistor reveals that investment cost per operator in this case is less than that when individual rectifier set per operator is used.

MOR 3000 sets are liberally designed and manufactured with quality materials to give a long trouble free service both indoors and outdoors. Proper protective relays and thermostats are provided to prevent any damage in the rectifier banks and the main transformer due to prolonged thermal overload or momentary overload due to short-circuit