Product Detail
DAW 180 SS

DC Welding Power

Rated Output(kW) = 4.5

Rated Current(A) = 170

Rated Voltage(V) = 26.8

Welding Current Range(A) = 30~180

AC Power Source

Frequency(Hz) = 50/60

Rated Output(kVA) = 3.0

No. of Phase = 1-Phase,2Wire

Power Factor = 1.0

Diesel Engine

Model = Kubota Z402

Type = 4-cycle,vertical,water cooled with radiator

Displacement (L) = 0.4

Fuel = ASTM No.2 diesel fuel or equivalent

Fuel Tank Capacity(L) = 15

Battery = 36B20Lx1

Dimensions (LxWxH mm) = 990x590x750

Dry Weight(kg) = 181


The engine equipped with the Closed Breathing System which keeps the blow-by gas in the machine, and the alminum radiator which does not cause lead pollution is categoried as a construction machine that satisfies the emission gas regulation stage 3 (DAW-300LS/DLW-300LS/DLW-300LSW/TLW-230LS), stage 2 (DLW-400ESW), enforced by rthe Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (except for DAW-180SS)

The Slowdown unit automatically lowers engine speed during no-load, reducing noise and increasing fuel efficiency.

Daily inspection and maintenance can be carried out one side of the machine. In addition, the radiater can be cleaned easily by removing the front cover

The machine is equipped with an automatic airventing unit that eliminates air by turning a switch key when restarting the engine after fuelling.

The use of brushes or slip rings in the alternator eliminates the need for maintenance

Four-wheel kit (except for DAW-180SS), exhaust pipe attachment, remote controller, mesures against salt damage.