Product Detail


Type = Rotary screw, single-stage compression, oil cooled

Rated Pressure = 0.69 MPa

Lube Oil Capacity = 8 L

Air Tank Capacity = 17 L


Model = Kubota D722-K3A

Type = Swirl chambered

No. of Cylinder = 3

Displacement = 0.719 L

Rated Output kW(PS) = 12.5(17)

Fuel = Diesel Fuel

Fuel Tank Capacity = 18 L

Lube Oil Capacity =  4.2 L

Coolant Capacity = 4.2 L

Battery = 55B24Lx1


Dimensions (LxWxH mm) = 1360x685x755

Dry Weight = 325 kg


The advanced design of the non-friction, twin screw airends enables the DIS series compressors to generate consistantly steady streams of air. The special bearings incorporated into the airends are carefully selected for use with twin screws and are highly reliable and durable.

The engine speed control system, developed by Denyo, incorporates a highly efficient screw that saves fuel and improves performances at all rated conditions, and guarantees high overall operating efficiency from no-load to full-load conditions.

The control panel on the DIS series compressors has been placed on one end of the unit for easy operation