Product Detail
PDS 175 SC


Type = Rotary Twin Screw, Single-Stage, Oil-cooled

Free Air Delivery = 5.0

Receiver Tank Capacity (US gal) = 5.3

Air Outlets = 20A(3/4") x 3pcs


Make/Model = Yanmar 4TNV88-BDHKS

Type = 4 cycle, water cooled, Direct-injection

No. of Cylinder = 4

Total Displacement (cc) = 2,189

Fuel Tank Capacity = 90 L

Lubrication Oil Capacity = 7.4 L


Dimensions (LxWxH mm) = 1,970x950x1,080

Weight (Dry) = 750 kg


Specially heat treated rotors are machined to extremely tight tolerances by utilizing the latest in computer controlled machinery.

AIRMAN compressors are designed with the environment in mind. Noise levels are way below EPA requirements and meet all EEC legislative requirements

The efficiency of the AIRMAN unique profile means that required engine power is extremely low resulting in less emission into the atmosphere.

To allow the engine warm-up under a light load AIRMAN compressors are fitted with a device which prevents pressure from building up in the receiver while maintaining the engine at idle speed

Automatically adjusts capacity from 0-100%. Control design eliminates engine surging by optimising engine speed at reduced capacity demands-thus reducing wear and maximising fuel efficiency